The Do It for Real Guild


Players are invited to suggest small steps we can take in the real world to nudge us further towards 2.0. Major obstacles such as backlash from the powers that be will need to be addressed. We want to do this peacefully in a way acceptable and possibly desirable for them. As the number of players grows, so does the likelihood of discovering small doable actions that nudge without violence. This is the gold for which we search.

We might look underneath the surface for common needs and find a subtle way to appeal to those, across political and fiduciary lines.

Discovering these tricks will not be easy. However, with a large enough player base, our chances could approach certainty. At 2.0, this strikes us as reason enough to push forward.

This guild will review all suggestions, developing those that seem viable and rewarding the players who suggested them. It will pose needs and goals for players to take on. We would like this guild to develop guidelines and suggest approaches.