Everyone's Opinion Matters


Our civilization is currently dominated by a small fraction of our global population. This would be okay if this group were trustworthy, acting in the best interest of everyone and of our planet; but clearly such is not the case. As I say in the Civilization 2.0 website, I want to grant everyone influence over what our civilization becomes. That's my mission.

A Game

Modeling is important, as is access to advanced technology and the genius of all who might participate, so I intend to build a game that allows people to construct civilization in great detail, immerse into it, play with it, and get a feeling for what works and minimize or eliminate anything that doesn't quite feel right.

Imagine playing a game where you can feel what 2.0 is like. Your basic goal is to accumulate regard points. This gives you the basic feeling of 2.0. To entice people to try the game, it will at first appear to be a carnival of booths which dispense regard points for learning 2.0 culture. You will be given needs that take you on a journey through these booths. Eventually you will be given a home and introduced to a community or a guild. These are ways you can influence 2.0. Gradually you will have a deep experience all of the essential traits of 2.0.

When you reach a critical level, you will be introduced to one or more communities of other players, or to one or more guilds, or to a neighborhood and a home. The longer a player plays the game, the greater their sense of immersion and influence.

I envision three core technologies: Needs GuildOpinions Guild and Game Tools Guild. Each of these are new, perhaps not yet understood to the depth I would like. I look forward to technical contributions from anyone, especially those with research experience in these domains.

Open Source

Philosophically, I want to extend the notion of transparency to nearly everything we do, and so whatever is created, I intend to make it freely available. To me, this means open source development, and the use of what's already out there to best effect.