Meeting Places



A classroom is a gathering place with arbitrary capacity. Some classrooms will be live, allowing students to ask questions in real time. Other classrooms can be playback of a previous live training. In either case the trainer will appear to all players attending. When the trainer allows for questions, a single student will be chosen to appear instead long enough to pose a question. The trainer then appears and offers an answer. This can go back and forth, at the discretion of the trainer.


A forum is also a gathering place with arbitrary capacity. One player will be designated as the speaker and manage communication (similar to the classroom trainer). One distinction is that forums must allow for open discussion between multiple players. Some forums can have panels of experts rather than a single speaker in charge. Other forums can have a moderator who rarely speaks.


Justice will take the form of decisions imposed onto disputed claims. To make this as fair and reasonable as possible, all involved parties must be visible to each other. To make the process efficient (not dragged out pointlessly), a protocol must be designed that does not rely in precedence. Open questions: Do we want juries? Do we want lawyers? We hope that our judges can be trained to be merciful, unbiased and thoughtful.