Everybody Gets Heard



This game is mostly about maximizing the ability of players to meet together and interact easily and effectively. Anyone who has been in any kind of meeting knows that everyone wants to say something at the same time. We want to discover how to allow this to happen but also to assure that each person is heard.

Speaking all at once

One way that comes to mind: Players who wish to speak press a button. This will place them in a queue which everyone can see. The designated speaker selects from this queue, which will enlarge their image and present what they are saying to all present. If this feels too tame, we try other ideas.

We need to research whether this can be done with voice or text. The latter is somewhat better for review afterwards.

Perhaps we should have buttons for applause, boos and shhhh. If a lot of players press the same button, half the entire screen can change color, different for each of the three buttons.

Chaos and creativity

Sometimes the best creativity happens in a much less formal setting. Opinions about this vary. We want to see what our game players come up with. Games have rules and this game allows rules to be experimented with. This is our open invitation to create something better.