Game Tools Guild


Making tools available within the game

The game building industry has amassed a large arsenal of game building tools. The downside is that they require advanced technical skills. Furthermore, we probably want to invent some tools of our own. We want to incorporate all of this into the game-building toolkit, allowing players to build the game and have fun doing it. 

How do we make our tools fun to use?

Some aspects of game building are easy to learn and pleasant to use. Adding and arranging objects is something lots of apps do. Drag and drop from a palette of objects, colors, artwork, music and probably other notions, this is trivial. Adjusting how an object looks or is placed or its size, also trivial.

The cutting edge tools we have in mind will allow a player to add actions (like tossing a ball), add logic that can actively recognize and alter relations between objects, build and edit hierarchies and maps.

Of these, we consider logic to be the hardest. Some examples: Create a carnival booth that can determine when a player deserves regard points. Detect when a player has gained enough regard points and make available the choice of a home, joining a guild or a community. Build and configure information and control boards. This is a rather significant loose end for which we seek guidance or assistance.