How Will Guilds Work?


Guilds guild

The guilds guild provides resources and rational guidance to all guilds so they can be their best: effective, excited, happy and at peace, and an easy way for new guilds to emerge. 

Guilds offer each player influence, training and ways to increase regard points through tradecraft, scholarship and governance. Guilds are where we expect most of the designing of and thinking about 2.0 to take place. The guilds guild shall be responsible for helping design how each guild can accomplish this with greatest ease and proficiency.

What will all guilds need?

Guilds may use any of the components in the following list. For example, the opinions guild might provide to the needs guild a specialized collection of opinions about adding features and changes.

Each guild will have its own qualifications for entry and mastery. The guilds guild will provide rational guidance for establishing clarity and consensus on this.

Each guild will prominently display its responsibility to all players. Although this can be altered at any time, great care must be given to all players' needs which have been previously fulfilled by the guild such that going forward it will continue.