Game Building Guild


The initial look of the game is going to be a map containing items that a player clicks on. These clicks will zoom into either a a more detailed map or a carnival booth. Each booth will contain mini-game, the goal of which is to introduce the idea of regard points and challenge the player to show regard in some way.

Each booth will be designed and created by members of the game guild. We hope to get guidance for this from psychology and sociology. Once enough booths and guilds are built, the game can be made public.

Game Guild

The game guild supplies the game framework and tools, from first code and throughout the lifetime of the game. Players who are keen to add core improvements to the game are encouraged to join this guild. Sculpting the game is an enormous undertaking, requiring engineers, artists, psychologists, philosophers and likely other skills. If you want to work with us on this, send me an email at

Game Building Game

To make this fun for the game builders, we hope to begin with a Game Tools Guild built into the game which players can use to build booths, guilds and maps. Extending and improving the game is a build-in capability. Building the game-builder game will be a first mission goal.


Since we want to think about and explore how daily life might feel in 2.0, our game should probably have homes, streets, neighborhoods, shopping, work, schools, howsoever they shall make sense in a game setting. The realism guild will be responsible for establishing what makes sense and what doesn't, as well as watching for unintended unrealism and uncanny valleys.

A player's home can have rooms, a garden, plumbing and electricity, appliances, furniture, and problems arising from weather, neighbors, and pets. Home improvement ought to involve other people with skills, time and materials, and all the usual. A player gains access to all of this through the needs guild.

Perhaps the game can include street driving and pedestrians, street lights and congestion. Congestion and other thorny problems are expected to arise. The game guild provides ways for people to suggest and request improvements.

More Guilds

If enough players feel that any of the following guilds are needed in order to organize the details and ideas which arise in the game, we need some way to detect and pursue it. 

  • knowledge
  • wisdom
  • technology
  • information
  • education
  • research
  • open questions