Game Building Plan


Where Should We Start?

The first component we build should help us immediately begin work: a Needs Guild. This is where we can list all the useful components we can envision, and apply priority, urgency, criteria and importance to each. We also want to add the notion of one need depending on another.

The second component can either be an Opinions Guild, or the Builders Guild. The former can act as guidance for planning, the latter allows us to begin constructing the visuals and logic.

The Planning Guild

Once we have working needs and opinions guilds, we'll want a place to go to where they are combined, mixed, and organized into a plan. The planning guild shall determine steps, dependencies, justification and so forth. It shall avoid bottlenecks, resource starvation, conflicts and unnecessary slowdowns, and develop or invent processes and strategies that don't yet exist.

We'll want the opposite of bureaucratic, clerks and droids. We certainly want to discourage and eliminate red tap, inconvenient fees, bias, and all other forms of irrational control.