Your dreams are a cherished resource


In 2.0, we want to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. Nearly all of us enjoy being creative or masterful regarding something about which we feel passionate. We fit our pursuit of dreams into those spare moments that the demands of our life allows us. Something deep within us yearns to do it.

Imagine your life's purpose is to learn how to focus your creativity on something meaningful. You work on that and contribute that to anyone who is nurtured by it. This is how you gain regard points and how your in-game wealth grows. Many of us consider this a life well spent.

Imagine seven billion people doing this for a lifetime. That's a lot of productivity which in 1.0 is mostly ignored or worse discouraged and suppressed. Instead, in 2.0 it is nurtured. No need for menace or money. So in a way, we get it all for free and as a virtually unstoppable avalanche. 

Does this overstate the case? We wish to know the answer, and look forward to hearing what players will say about it.

First steps

One of the members of the dreams guild will encourage you to discover and understand your dreams and passions. You will be gently helped to develop deep self knowledge, enough for you to describe what excites and fulfills you. These are your dreams. They can grow and change or get cast aside. They are yours.

Dreaming up your life

Imagine spending time in pursuit of your dreams, gathering knowledge,  experience and resources. As your regard points grow, so does your access to needs beyond the basics. The purpose of the dreams guild is to help you develop your dreams, and make the best use of all your available resources.