Everyone's opinion must matter


Everyone should feel that their opinions are heard and understood. The opinions guild is responsible for making this happen and for accommodating shifting consensus. This must be done very gently. The guild must respond to resistance to this by backing off and seeking to understand and accommodate the resistance. 


An opinion is usually within context of other opinions. Adding a new one probably involves searching what's there, and describing what's new and different.


Since we all talk in our own idiosyncratic way, someone searching later may not recognize your opinion for what it is. So, somehow the guild will moderate every new opinion, possibly negotiating with the submitter, assuring that it is readable and accurately reflects the opinion of the submitter.


Adding a new opinion may also require splitting it off from the parent opinion, forming a divergence that goes in two or more directions. We need to explore how this should best be shown to subsequent players.

At each split point, we will post a need for a highly regarded player to study deeply the difference of opinion and work at shifting consensus to the side they think is best for the most players. Occasionally this player is allowed to decide the split, if disagreement is inflaming conflict. Conflict is good a lot of the time, but not always. This is a difficult problem.

Guild Ownership

Some opinions relate to a specific guild. We think this is sufficient reason to let the guild take ownership. This gives the opinion a context and a pool of resources for analyzing and offering guidance.

Automatic consensus

After each new opinion is added, consensus can be recomputed. This will in turn affect various aspects of the game: searches, guild guidelines, justice, governance, and other things now known and to be discovered.

Consensus building

As a species, we seem to focus on our differences. In some peculiar way, do we need to be different? Is this really a need?When fulfilled, does it actually bestow more than a tiny improvement? Could it, instead, be just an illusion standing in the way of establishing consensus. Indeed, it might just a mask hiding some other need. Could this hidden need be a yearning for simplicity (complexity is growing), safety (new threats are always emerging) or resources (much is disappearing).

Perhaps we can discover we have a need in common and join forces in seeking its fulfillment together. The needs guild can provide such help. Skill for providing it is by no means easy to learn, so the guild shall offer ample and effective training to all players who desire it. This training exactly matches what non-violent communications does all the time. We feel this will play a crucial role in our game and eventually in 2.0.