How does a regard-based economy work?


This is one of the most important facets that I want to explore in our 2.0 game. The idea (be kind) is familiar enough. I want to add something new: a system which tracks every occasion in which one player benefits another. Especially everyday actions. 

Artificial scarcity

I want to explore ways to reduce or discourage our cultural belief in scarcity. In 1.0, several significant of aspects of life feel scarce: money, trust, resources. In 2.0, I think this is an artificial consequence of our drive for profit, and we feel we must do better.

One idea that comes to mind is to create regard points out of thin air. When player A bestows points, A's accumulated points remain untouched. I do not know if this is feasible or desired, nor do I know how to do it. My intention is for 2.0 to shift as far as it can away from all artificial limitations that our culture imposes on our species.

Everyday regard

Our days are filled with incidental frustrations: traffic, lines, interruptions, automated but bad help, slow service, rudeness, inexplicable emotions and bureaucratic hoops. I'm interested in how regard points can help us learn to be kinder and more generous to each other. How do we make this easy, enjoyable, natural?

Regards guild

These concerns and others like them are ones we want the regards guild to investigate, explain and improve upon. We envision that a list of these concerns will be treated as highly important within the guild, and publicly provide progress reports and proposals.

Other concerns might include: Will we allow negative regard points? Will we want to impose a maximum, say, of ten regard points per transaction? Does a long-term benefit correspond to multiple, regularly paid points, similar to rent or wages?